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“The bitter tears of Johnny Cash”

“The bitter tears of Johnny Cash”

[via Salon] [Zim’s Note: The article is a bit long but definitively worth the read if you like Johnny Cash and/or Native American topics.] The untold story of Johnny Cash, protest singer and Native American activist, and his feud with the music industry By Antonino D’Ambrosio, Sunday, Nov 8, 2009 In July 1972, musician Johnny Cash sat opposite […]

97-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found Off British Coast Sets New Wo...

97-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found Off British Coast Sets New World Record

After floating on the lonely seas, adrift for nearly a century, the world’s oldest message in a bottle has finally been liberated and graced with a Guinness record. Andrew Leaper, a Scottish skipper aboard the fishing boat Copious, discovered the bottle early April of this year, trapped in his fishing net as he sailed east […]

6 Lost Olympic Sports

6 Lost Olympic Sports

[Zim’s Note: With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games beginning tomorrow in London, I decided to do a quick search of Olympic sports that are no more. Luck would have it that I was not the only one thinking about these by-gone activities. Today, National Geographic published a slide show of “6 Lost Olympic Sports.” In […]

Sending Vets’ Lost Medals, And Memories, Home

Sending Vets’ Lost Medals, And Memories, Home

[Zim’s Note: I like a good antique store. I also collect buttons and patches from military uniforms. Collecting other paraphilia does not entice me like it does for others, unless its something that was passed down to me or belonged to a relative of mind. And, to be honest, buttons and patches take up the least amount […]

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