Odd Contests: Miss Bobbed-Hair, 1925

First prize winner of bobbed-hair contest in Coral Gables, Florida on February 27, 1925.

First prize winner of bobbed-hair contest in Coral Gables, Florida on February 27, 1925. Photo Credit: State Archives of Florida

Bobbed hair and flapper dresses epitomize the “Roaring Twenties.” Around the country, women cut their tresses for bobbed cuts while discarding their corsets and conservative clothing for loose, boxy dresses with dropped waistlines.  These trends were so popular that, on February 27, 1925, Coral Gables in Florida decided to hold a beauty contest. The women were judged on one main factor – their hair. “Miss Bobbed-Hair” embodied the “Roaring Twenties” with her short, cropped hair and modern approach to femininity.

The contestants of the "Miss Bobbed-Hair" beauty contest, February 27, 1925.

The contestants of the “Miss Bobbed-Hair” beauty contest, February 27, 1925. All the women personify the “Roaring Twenties.” Photo Credit: State Archives of Florida

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