Odd Ads: Chlorodent Toothpaste, 1953

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Nothing is scarier than Halloween halitosis! This Halloween advertisement for Chlorodent toothpaste ran in the October 26, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine. So what does one do if they do not have a pumpkin to put over their heads to cover up their bad breath? According to their advertisement, Halloween halitosis can be combated with Chlorodent Chlorophyll Toothpaste:

No Halloween mask scares off a man


We’ll confess – if you will.
You know when you wake up your break is not as fresh as it might be. That stale and furry taste is a sure sign of bad breath.
And we know simply using Chlorodent, our chlorophyll-plus toothpaste, won’t get you married within a week . . . or make your husband shower you with orchids!
But we do say Chlorodent, gets rid of “morning mouth.” Its generous helping of chlorophyll ends bad breath for hour after hour. And here’s the “plus”, Chlorodent brightens the teeth measurably better than any other leading toothpaste formula.
This we guarantee – or Lever Brothers Co. will return your money. Isn’t that reason enough for buying Chlorodent today?
P.S.-And all this goes for Chlorodent Teeth Powder, too.

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