Odd Ads: Chlorox Tooth Paste, 1921

Photo Credit: Old Ads Are Funny Blog

Photo Credit: Old Ads Are Funny

“Oil Your Teeth” is perhaps the most unappealing thing one would want to actually do to their teeth. Maybe it is because I look at this advertisement through modern eyes that associate Chlorox with bleach and leaves me a bit dubious about wanting to put Chlorox anywhere near my face, let alone on my teeth.

Oil Your Teeth with Chlorox Tooth Paste.

Chlorox Tooth Paste keeps tartar from forming. The secret of its wonderful cleaning power is the white mineral oil in the paste. It is soluble and goes in between teeth where ordinary paste can not. It leaves the teeth smooth, white, shiny and nothing is better for the gums. Millions report astonishing results. Chlorox is the only tooth paste which permits you to “oil your teeth.” Nulyne Laboratories, Jackson, Michigan.

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  • I agree Jess. Oiling one’s teeth is a scary thought! I wonder if this toothpaste created brisk business for denture makers? 😉

    • Zim

      You’re probably right Valerie! Makes you wonder doesn’t it?! There is probably a good reason it’s no longer around! 🙂