Halloween in the White House

Here are some photos of how various presidential administrations celebrated Halloween.

Mamie Eisenhower had the State Dining Room decorated with paper Fifties Halloween decorations for a 1956 autumn luncheon.

Caroline and John Jr. visit President Kennedy in the Oval Office on October 31, 1963.

First Daughter Tricia Nixon hosts a Halloween carnival at the White House for Washington-area underprivileged children in 1969.

First lady Betty Ford greets costumed school children from the Washington on Thursday, Oct. 31, 1974, during a Halloween benefit for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund on the White House South Lawn.

President Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter stand by as daughter Amy and some of her friends carve pumpkins during Amy’s 10th birthday party Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1977, in the White House in Washington. Amy is seated directly in front of the President.

George and Barbara Bush with daughter-in-law Margaret welcome Halloween guests to their 1989 Halloween lawn party, the President’s grandson is next to the First Lady. They hosted 500 children and loading them up with fun loot but also teaching them about the dangers of drugs. The kids came decked out in costumes; some Secret Service agents came dressed as clowns.

The President and Mrs. Clinton costumed as country-western singers at their 1995 Halloween party for Hillary Clinton’s annual birthday.

President Bush poses with some local children, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002, who were visiting the White House dressed up for Halloween. Bush was on his way to South Dakota, Indiana, and West Virginia to campaign for local candidates.

A young guest, left, turns to smile when he realized he is getting candy from the President during the 2009 White House Halloween Party. First Lady Michelle Obama, on th left, was dressed as a leopard, with a smear of eyeliner, fuzzy ears and a spotted orange-and-black top.

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