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Image of the game called “La Conqueste du Monde” or as we know it – RISK. Photo Credit: Board Game Geek

In 1957, French film maker Albert Lamorisse created a game he called, “La Conqueste du Monde”, which translates to “Conquest of the World. The Parker Brothers bought the game two days later and renamed it RISK.

Hasbro Games describes the appeal of RISK  in the following way:

RISK was absolutely unique because it introduced groundbreaking game concepts. It was the first board game to offer non-linear movement – that was crazy thinking back then. Although the rules were simple enough, the strategies required to win the game were not. RISK pushed the envelope and remained unmatched by any other game on the shelf. . . . In the game of RISK there are no perfect moves. There are no guarantees. Because everything is at risk!

Side note: The same year he created the game, Albert Lamorisse won an Academy Award for Best Writing/Best Original Screenplay for his short film, The Red Balloon.

"The Red Balloon" poster. Photo Credit: IMDb

“The Red Balloon” poster. Photo Credit: IMDb

History of Risk

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